In partnership with MDS Visapak, our Visapak services are designed to ensure that a visa applicants application process is quick and easy. Paper and Tie assists with the provision of the application forms, through to the collection of the visa after the process is completed.

  • VISAS for all Destinations
  • Loading , paying and booking of appointments
  • Meet & Greet Services for all Embassies that require applicants to appear in person
  • British Passport Renewals
  • Collect visa applications from clients
  • Delivery of applications to consulates
  • Transfer of funds to consulates
  • Collection of passports from consulates
  • Return finalized applications to client
  • Chaperone service offers a professional, personal service to individuals all across Gauteng needing to apply for a visa

Our day-to-day operations are meticulously planned and tightly controlled, allowing personal and dedicated VIP treatment.